Meet Amanda Zhang, Billd’s Ambitious Account Executive

Published: November 09, 2020
Last updated: January 11, 2021
Read time: 3 minutes

Amanda Zhang

Contractor Account Executive

Hometown: Tianjin, China

Amanda Zhang, Billd Contractor Account Executive

What’s something new that you’ve learned since being at Billd? 

The process of how a commercial site was built. The relationship between a subcontractor, a GC, and a property or project owner. The logistics of materials in construction. The way mechanic lien works in this business. 


What’s your favorite part about working at Billd? 

The smart, driven and hard-working people I am around with. I like the start-up growth and learning mentality. 


Give us your 30 second Billd elevator pitch.

Billd is a commercial construction material supplier that offers contractors a fast and efficient approval process for a 120-days payment solution of the materials the contractors purchase to solve the cash flow problem that most contractors face.


What’s one goal you hope to accomplish with Billd in the future? 

Bring value that’s hard to replace.  


What peaked your interest with Billd before being hired? 

The product and the team. 


What’s your favorite Billd memory? 

Right now, the training structure. 


What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute to your success and why?

Career-minded, brave, curious, resilient, and hard-working. I think about my career more than anything else. Working brings me a lot of fun. From an immigrant to a lawful citizen, learning English on my own, getting a college education, and starting my career, this journey has taught me to live my life and pursue my career with no fear. Because of this, the impossible things in life become possible. 


  • What would you do with a million dollars? 

Invest in properties and businesses. 


If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? 

Elon Musk.


Who’s your inspiration? 

My father. 


What’s your all-time favorite memory? 

My childhood of living in a small village with a 1,000 population for now. I know this will change as life goes on. 


Dog person or cat person?

Dog person. 


Go-to karaoke song? 

If I Were a Boy. 


What is Billd? 

Billd is a material supplier for commercial construction contractors. Billd is the first one in the market to offer 120-day terms on material purchases that aims to bridge the gap between when a contractor has to pay for the materials and when a contractor is getting paid. We use innovative technologies, customer-centric attributes, and industry-leading talents to offer a fast and efficient payment solution for material purchases that no other places are able to offer. 


What problem(s) is Billd solving? 

  • Cash flow tightening problem due to the gap between when a contractor is getting paid and when a contractor needs to pay for the materials for the projects. 
  • Payment delinquencies material suppliers face when selling materials to contractors. Payment default risks that contractors face from property owners. 
  • The funding approval inefficiency and inflexibility most financial institutions have. 


How does Billd help contractors? 

By offering a 120-days payment solution on a material purchase, Billd enables a contractor to pay for the materials after they get paid for the projects. By doing this, a contractor can maximize production by taking on more projects and growing the business. 


How does Billd help suppliers? 

Billd pays the supplier on the material purchase on behalf of a contractor. The supplier gets the material payment upfront. This solves the delinquency and default risks suppliers have. By paying the materials for the contractors, Billd enables the contractors to take on more projects and helps the suppliers to have more material sales. 


How does Billd work? 

Billd is a material supplier that offers 120-day terms on a material purchase. Billd pays the material on behalf of a contractor to any supplier the contractor prefers. The contractor then makes weekly payments on a rate of $50 for every $10,000 material purchased to Billd on 120-day terms or whenever the contractor wants. 


Who does Billd work best for? 

A commercial construction contractor who has been in the business for about one year and a half, a business annual revenue of $500K or above, and a business owner FICO score of 600 or above, and wants to grow the business but has maximized the borrowing credit and has limited funding solutions. 


How does Billd stack up to other payment options?

Billd is the most efficient, thoughtful, and flexible payment solution on material purchases for commercial construction contractors. Billd offers industry-leading technologies and talents to solve cash flow problems contractors have.