A Better Way to Manage Projects and Purchase Materials: The Billd | Procore Integration

Published: September 30, 2020
Last updated: April 19, 2022
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For contractors, being busy is a good thing. It means that you probably have multiple projects in process and your business is thriving. But between managing all those projects simultaneously and growing your business, you would benefit from being on the lookout for ways to become more efficient and streamlined — while, of course, staying profitable.

Some of those efficiencies can be achieved with a construction management software, like Procore, which enables you to manage projects, resources, and financials all from one platform. Now, there’s another way to add efficiencies to your operations: a seamless integration between Billd and Procore to purchase materials. 

Below, we will detail how Billd and Procore work together, as well as the benefits of that integration. 

How Do Billd and Procore Work Together? 

Billd partnered with Procore to help contractors run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. With this integration, Procore users can now access Billd through their Procore account. That allows contractors to manage projects and material purchase requests from one convenient location. 

4 Benefits of the Billd | Procore Integration 

1. Streamlined Material Purchase Requests 

When you’re managing multiple projects, it can be cumbersome to constantly switch between platforms. With the new Billd/Procore integration, you can submit material purchase requests directly within your Procore account.

Additionally, the integration allows you to sync all of your projects between Billd and Procore for convenient management from one location, which then facilitates your material purchase requests for any project you’re working on.

2. Waived Purchase Fee 

Contractors who take advantage of Procore’s invoicing feature will have Billd’s 2% purchase fee waived. 

Why is this important? 

When purchasing materials through Billd, contractors typically negotiate a 2-5% discount because Billd pays their supplier cash, upfront. Under Billd’s standard payment program, the 2% purchase fee is offset by the savings from the cash discount from the supplier. However, when you subscribe to the Procore invoicing feature, that fee is waived and at the same time, you can still take advantage of the supplier’s cash discount. This increases your margin and gives you the flexibility of up to 120 days to repay. Ultimately, if you purchase with Billd while using Procore’s invoicing feature, you will benefit more financially than if you had purchased the same materials using the supplier’s 30-day terms. 

3. Smoother Invoicing 

In many cases, the waived purchase fee is reason enough to justify the cost of adding Procore’s invoicing feature. However, if you’re still on the fence about this added functionality, it offers several benefits that can further streamline your operations. The Procore invoicing feature makes it easy to review, collect, and approve invoices for all of your projects. Rather than taking days, you can now process invoices in just minutes — and it’s all paperless. 

4. Get Ahead of Your Competition

If you’re not already on board with technology and different innovations within the construction industry, you’re probably falling behind.  Adopting and embracing technology leads to more efficiencies in your business, so you can focus on what you love to do: Building.  By adopting technology like Procore and Billd, and leveraging their seamless integration, you’re building a competitive advantage over your competition.

Together, Billd and Procore provide another way to streamline your operations, so you can focus on successfully managing your projects and growing your business. And this partnership will only continue to grow, so you can look forward to even more benefits in the future. 

To learn more about the advantages of the Billd and Procore integration, get in touch with the Billd team.

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About Billd: At Billd, we provide a payment solution that enables commercial construction contractors to free up cash for material purchases while enjoying the flexibility of 120-day payment terms. You get financing for commercial materials upfront with the freedom to pay it back at your own pace. Learn more about how we can help eliminate your company’s cash-flow problems so you can win more bids and grow your business.

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