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Customer Success

from Columbia, Maryland
HMC is an architectural millwork firm that specializes in custom design and builds for some of the country’s largest retail brands, hospitals, universities, and corporations. They’re known for their ability to fabricate complex custom millwork from a variety of materials. In addition to millwork, they provide a wide range of full-scope interior design, food service design, equipment specification, construction and project management services. They continuously raise the bar in product and service and maximize opportunities for innovation, functionality, and design.

The Situation

Since HMC specializes in custom millwork and fabrication, the materials they purchase for projects are always custom, specialty products. Because of that:

They are always required to put a deposit down, sometimes up to 50%.

They’ve been forced to rely on their own cash reserves or bank financing to pay for their custom materials, many times up to a million dollars.

Managing cash flow has been a challenge, which has left their new business bandwidth limited.

The Solution

After hearing about Billd online, HMC has been using Billd’s innovative payment solution to purchase their custom specialty materials.

With Billd, they’ve been able to cover their project costs without having to come out of pocket or use bank financing.

Since Billd pays for materials upfront, it has allowed them to leverage significant discounts from suppliers, saving them a lot of money in the long-run.

Their working capital (between $250,000 and $1,500,000) that had been tied up financing their own projects was freed up and used to grow their business.

With Billd, HMC was able to...

Eliminate the funding issues they were previously experiencing with vendor credit methods and keep their projects on schedule, no matter how many were happening at once.


“The Billd team just gets it. It’s obvious that they understand the business, the industry, and the payment issues that exist in the market. Before Billd, we would have to come out-of-pocket to pay for the direct materials and subcontractor payments. We have used Billd’s material purchase solution on five jobs thus far. We estimate a 15% savings to our direct materials expense with Billd and the residual benefits are just as great – there is no limit now on how many jobs we can purchase materials for!”

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