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from Miami, Florida

SteelHomes manufactures high-tech, LGS steel structures for the construction of prefabricated building systems, steel trusses, joist, luxury homes, modular residential or commercial construction. They believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation and in finding ways to work faster and smarter. SteelHomes is constantly finding new ways to improve our industry while being on the forefront of sustainability.

The Situation

While SteelHomes historically has not had problems funding projects, they have always used their own cash reserves to cover any project costs – which hasn’t been the ideal situation for them.

They weren’t able to allocate those funds to other areas of their business that were also a priority.

As a result of that, they weren’t able to expand their business in the way that they had hoped.

The Solution

SteelHomes started using Billd for their modular projects and have experienced the most flexibility with their cash flow to date.

With Billd’s payment solution, they were able to stop using their own reserves to pay for their projects, which gave them flexibility to access cash they weren’t able to tap into before.

With their money being freed up from projects, they’re now able to allocate those funds to other parts of their business that allow for expansion.

With Billd, SteelHomes was able to…

Implement an efficient payment solution that freed up their cash reserves and allowed them to scale their business with the available funds.

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Yuri Yñigo Sr. Executive, Sales & Marketing

“All of our money that we had been spending on new projects has been freed up completely thanks to Billd. Now, we’ve been putting those funds towards growing our business with a marketing department…”

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