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kpis in construction

Featured 6 min read

How to Master Your Financial KPIs with The Trigger Point Strategy 

September 13, 2023

construction contract

Featured 4 min read

Construction Contract Negotiation Part 2: How to Protect Your Right to Make a Claim

construction contract negotiation

Featured 5 min read

Construction Contract Negotiation Part 1: A Lawyer’s Advice for Subcontractors

hiring vs. contracting construction labor

Featured 5 min read

Hiring vs. Contracting Labor: The Pros and Cons of Each


Featured 5 min read

5 Ways to Make Retainage Less Painful for Subcontractors

Featured 2 min read

7 Contract Clauses That Other Subs Have Negotiated Successfully

Featured 8 min read

Why Construction Projects Are More Risky for Subcontractors than Anyone Else

Featured 10 min read

How to Master Your Closeout Process: Advice for Subcontractors by Subcontractors

banks for construction subcontactors

Featured 3 min read

Banks as a Financial Option for Subcontractors: Billd’s Take

maximizing tax returns construction

Featured 4 min read

A Quick Guide to Maximizing Tax Returns for Subcontractors

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