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kpis in construction

Featured 6 min read

How to Master Your Financial KPIs with The Trigger Point Strategy 

September 13, 2023


Featured 3 min read

A Subcontractor’s Guide to Prefabrication: Everything You Need to Know


Featured 4 min read

Panelization: What Is It and Why You Should Use It In Your Next Construction Project?

3 companies using debt to their advantage

Featured 5 min read

3 Wildly Successful Companies Using Debt to their Advantage (So Why Aren’t You?)

Construction bid

Featured 4 min read

3 Key Factors to Consider When Crafting a Winning Construction Bid

construction labor shortage

Featured 5 min read

The Modern Guide to Beating the Construction Labor Shortage and Making Applicants Come to You

Billd Team

Featured 5 min read

How the Billd Team Supports You Every Step of the Way

types of light switches

Featured 4 min read

Types of Light Switches: A Comprehensive Guide

electrical room

Featured 3 min read

What is an Electrical Room?

concrete defects

Featured 5 min read

Concrete Defects to Look Out For, and How to Repair Them

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