How to Improve GC Relationships and Project Performance with Effective Communication

gc communication

Let’s be candid: Most people in construction don’t treat each other like they trust each other. People have their guard up, cautious of getting screwed over, lowballed, overcharged or misled.  Matt Verderamo, an expert construction consultant, believes that this clenched up demeanor is doing far more harm than good.  We spoke to Verderamo about his […]

Why Construction Projects Are More Risky for Subcontractors than Anyone Else

In 2022, we launched the first of its kind, the Billd Roundtable, a video series that brought together a GC, a subcontractor, and a supplier to discuss the real issues that matter to construction professionals. The three episodes featured Russ Briscoe, VP of Sales of Billd, mediating discussions between Jason Beiter, VP of JE Dunn […]

A Quick Guide to Maximizing Tax Returns for Subcontractors

maximizing tax returns construction

Taxes. Everyone’s favorite topic, right? Especially for subcontractor business owners familiarizing themselves with construction industry tax minutiae. But, if you master the details you also avoid leaving money on the table. We want you to squeeze every last cent out of your return, so we sat down with a construction industry CPA to hear what […]

Construction Business Growing Too Quickly? Here’s How to Fix It

how to fix too much construction business growth

So, you think you’re growing too fast. What can you do and how can you avoid it again? The first step in undoing unsustainable growth is to acknowledge you’re growing too fast to begin with. We covered four telltale signs that your construction business is growing faster than you can handle. If you’ve made that […]

3 Key Factors to Consider When Crafting a Winning Construction Bid

Construction bid

By: Larry Bernstein Creating a construction bid should be simple. Arrive at a number that accommodates your profit margin and business goals. When the project comes in, plug in the numbers, and voila, you have your bid.  If only, right?  Countless factors influence a construction bid. Beyond that, there are different factors a subcontractor can […]