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How to Master Your Closeout Process: Advice for Subcontractors by Subcontractors

February 9, 2023

Payments 5 min read

2022 National Subcontractor Market Report: How Labor Shortages & Market Volatility are Impacting Subcontractors

Payments 3 min read

What Is a Notice of Completion and How to File One in 2023

notice of commencement

Payments 4 min read

Notices of Commencements in 2023: What It Is and How to File It

substantial completion

Payments 3 min read

Substantial Completion 101: Everything You Need to Know as a Subcontractor

aia g702

Payments 4 min read

AIA G702 Forms: A Subcontractor’s Guide + The 6 Biggest Mistakes That Delay Project Payment 

what is retainage in construction

Payments 5 min read

What Is Retainage? Everything a Contractor Needs to Know in 2023

preliminary notices construction

Payments 3 min read

Why Preliminary Notices and Liens Are a Contractor’s Best Friend

Payments 3 min read

How Sending Preliminary Notices Can Help You Pay for Materials for your Next Job

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