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What Is Type 2 Construction?

type 2 construction

Before a building is constructed, it’s important to determine how it will perform in the event of a fire to ensure occupant safety and property preservation. Builders do this by classifying the building based on its fire resistance. Some buildings are classified as fire resistant or constructed with materials that can withstand fire for longer […]

How Do You Earn the Right to Get “Last Look”?

last look construction

For subcontractors, getting “last look” in a bidding scenario is a highly sought-after place to be. While it doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the contract, it affords you a substantial advantage over others who are vying for that job.  We’ll explore how last look is often shaped by the working relationships/dynamics of GCs and subs, how […]

How to Wow the GC During The Prequalification Phase of Preconstruction

subcontractor prequalification

Last week, we explored an introduction to the preconstruction phase, which is largely the terrain of GCs, owners and architects. This week, we’re honing in on the aspects of preconstruction that subs should be aware of. Preconstruction presents a unique opportunity for subs to make an impression on GC’s: the prequalification phase. We’ll take a […]

The Preconstruction Phase: A Quick Introduction


As every subcontractor knows, before any construction project can begin, a lot of planning, designing and scheduling must be done. This initial planning stage is called the preconstruction phase. In this phase, the entire scope of the project is laid out making it a critical component that determines the success of the construction project.  In […]

Why Are Low Bids Chosen? An Honest Assessment of Hard Bid Projects

hard bids

By Larry Bernstein LinkedIn Every subcontractor has second-guessed themselves after crafting and submitting a bid.  Were you too bold? Was the bid too high?  Or did you undervalue your services? Was the bid far too low?  e GC resorts to one single criterion to pick a sub: Price. Rather than considering reputation, skill level, approach […]

Connected Construction 101: Why It’s the Future of the Industry

connected construction

As a subcontractor, you know how difficult it is to manage construction projects. You need to bring together suppliers, equipment, materials, and labor within an estimated budget and timeline. Managing workflows by hand can often lead to client dissatisfaction, budget overruns, delays, reduction of profit, and additional costs for project stakeholders.  According to the 2022 […]

Financial Ratios in Construction: Why Subs Should Be Familiar With Them

Financial ratios are key for anyone wanting a clear and simple view of the financial health of a construction business. They show how a company is performing in important areas such as liquidity, leverage, and financial efficiency. This can be hard to determine from standard financial statements – but financial ratios give a quick and […]

Construction Contingency: A Rundown for Subcontractors

construction contingency

Nobody likes surprise expenses, but they’re all-too-common in the construction industry. Because of this, experienced subcontractors understand the importance of planning for the unexpected and including contingency funds in their budgets. A construction contingency will help you as a subcontractor prepare for (and pay for) unanticipated costs on a project. Today, we’ll discuss what a […]

Construction Scheduling: Techniques, Tools & Tips for Subcontractors

construction scheduling

Deciding which type of schedule is right for your subcontracting business is a crucial element to your success as a subcontractor. In fact, the success of all your construction projects relies heavily on a project’s schedule. In this article, we will go over several different methods of scheduling and schedule representation methods so that you […]