Construction Scheduling: Techniques, Tools & Tips for Subcontractors

construction scheduling

Deciding which type of schedule is right for your subcontracting business is a crucial element to your success as a subcontractor. In fact, the success of all your construction projects relies heavily on a project’s schedule. In this article, we will go over several different methods of scheduling and schedule representation methods so that you […]

The Design-Build Construction Method: Advantages and Drawbacks

design build construction

Through the years, the construction industry has gravitated toward alternative project delivery methods like CMAR and integrated project delivery. And one of the fastest-growing delivery methods is Design-Build construction. It is known to save money and make otherwise impossible timeframes more realistic and achievable, making it an easier sell to project owners. But should you […]

ICF Construction: Everything Subcontractors Need to Know

ICF construction

As a subcontractor, you’ve personally witnessed the slew of technological advancements that transformed the construction industry in recent years. Concrete is one of the many continuously advancing trades, and one of its most recent and popular innovations involves Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). According to Grand View Research, the adoption of ICFs in the construction industry […]

What Is Integrated Project Delivery, and Is It Suitable for Your Project?

integrated project delivery

Just 2% of construction projects are completed on time and on budget. This encouraged construction professionals to develop new, more efficient project delivery methods. We’ve explored a few of these, like pull planning, value engineering and lean construction. One of the most popular project delivery methods that has emerged is Integrated Project Delivery. Here, we’ll […]

Workmanlike Manner: What It Actually Means and What Subcontractors Need to Know

workmanlike manner

As a contractor, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the phrase “workmanlike manner” in your construction contracts. It’s an admittedly vague term used to describe completed work that meets the standard recognized in your industry – work that could only be completed by a skilled workman in your trade. However, industry standards aren’t always uniform, and clients may […]

Stop Work Orders: How Construction Subcontractors Should Approach Them

Long before work can begin on a construction project, the owner and the contractor must acquire a building permit from the local government. As subs are well aware, this document sets forth all rules and regulations about the construction of any property under their jurisdiction. That said, local governments have the authority to intercede on […]

Billd’s Take: The Rabbet 2021 Construction Payments Report

value engineering

There is a staggering cost associated with slow payments in the construction industry. Rabbet’s annual Construction Payments Report found that there was $136 billion of additional construction costs caused by slow payments in the United States alone. At Billd, we believe that slow payments are one of the construction industry’s most significant issues. This article […]

Construction Contracts: What You Should Look Out For Before You Sign

construction contracts

The following blog was written to summarize a Built with Billd podcast held in May 2020, in which we interviewed Ernie Adams of Southwest Construction Services. This article is not meant to serve as legal advice, and the opinions expressed are those of the interviewee.  Construction contracts are often crowded with legal jargon that can […]