The things we know happen in the industry, but don’t talk about.

Why It Takes So Long to Pay Subs

74 days. That’s the average time to payment for subs. So what’s really happening in those two and a half months?

Sacrificing Quality for Cost

We say we want to build up our communities and leave a legacy. But how much does quality count when we’re focused on cost?

The Human Cost of Accelerating Schedules

We talk about needing a youth movement in construction. But, if we’re offering unrealistic schedules and long working hours, why should young people choose us?

The things that make it hard to trust each other, even though we need trust to get shit done.

Subs Not Knowing When They’ll Get Paid

The ultimate sticking point between a rock and a hard place for subs.

How can we trust each other and maintain relationships when we don’t even know when we’ll see our paycheck?

Competing in a Low Bid Market

There are hidden costs to choosing the lowest bidder. It’s time to ask each other if it’s worth it.
The misaligned goals that pit us against each other, despite being on the same team.

Who Has The Most Risk on a Construction Project?

In a risk management business, who’s getting stuck with the most of it? Depends on who you ask.

The Flow Down of Profit

The dark side of the flow down of profit. What happens when GCs juice their margin at the expense of subs?

How to Fix the Broken Repayment Chain for Subs

The repayment chain is broken. But if we fix it, who’s paying the price?

Meet the Roundtable

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VP Sales,


Jason Beiter

Vice President,
JE Dunn

General Contractor

Mike Irwin

SI Mechanical


Ryan McLagan

Executive Vice President,
Texas AirSystems


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