Our story, built from passion

Chris Doyle President/CEO

Jesse Weissburg Cofounder/CCO

If you’re a contractor, you understand the frustration and hardship payment delays can have on your business. You purchase materials up-front or on 30-day terms, then get paid for the project 60-90 days later. This places a major burden on your ability to balance multiple projects and grow your business.
Billd co-founders, Chris Doyle and Jesse Weissburg have a long history working with thousands of contractors across the country and seeing these issues firsthand. They recognized how a lack of access to working capital impacts a contractors’ ability to operate and grow their business.
Billd is on a mission to provide contractors of all sizes access to funds designed for construction so they can take control of their cash flow and build their business on their terms.

First and foremost,
Billd is a construction company.

It’s in our name. It’s in our DNA. And it’s what we’re most proud of.

Bankers fund everything.

We fund construction.

Banks view you as a number.

We view you as a contractor that just won a bid on an exciting new project.

Banks have no tolerance for late payments.

We try to understand why you were late and figure out a solution together.

Our Purpose.

At Billd, we believe contractors are the back-bone of our economy, spurring on the growth of economic development, and deserve to be treated as such. We believe purchasing materials for a big project means you just won a huge bid and it should be a time to cheers, not stress.
We believe contractors should do business on their terms, not anyone else’s.

Our Promise.

When you work with Billd, you won’t get a banker on the other line. When you call, you won’t be sent to voicemail. You’ll connect with real people who understand construction and are here to help you tackle the real challenges you face on a daily basis.
Don’t just think of us as a source of material purchasing. Think of us as your business partner helping fuel your growth. Together, we’ll watch your business grow to new heights.