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Frequently Asked Questions

How Billd Works

What is Billd?

Billd is a payment solution that helps commercial contractors obtain 120-day payment terms with their suppliers. Here are the steps: (1) Contractor submits their material quote from their supplier (2) Billd pays supplier directly on the contractor’s behalf (upfront) (3) supplier ships the material and (4) Contractor pays Billd within 120 days for the purchase.

Why is there a need for Billd?

Getting paid on commercial projects can be unpredictable. Billd provides 120-day payment terms so contractors have the flexibility they need when balancing multiple projects at different stages and with different payment timelines.

We understand the challenges of paying for materials on a new project when contractors haven’t yet been paid on existing ones. This prevents many contractors from growing their business, or worse, puts their entire business at risk. Billd helps smooth out those transitions when cash is in and out, reducing stress and facilitating growth for your business.

Who does Billd work with?

Billd works with thousands of commercial building material suppliers, general contractors and sub-contractors throughout the U.S.

How does paying with Billd work?

  1. Create a project, upload a copy of your contract with the general contract or property owner.
  2. Upload a copy of your supplier quote to be paid, including the date you are requesting payment (we do same-day approval and payments).
  3. We take care of the rest, it’s that simple!

What kind of purchases will Billd fund?

Billd only works on commercial, industrial, government, agriculture, utility and multi-family construction. We work with all construction trades including site work, concrete, steel framing, masonry, sheetrock, waterproofing, major mechanical, flooring, trim, specialty coatings and much more. We do not work with single-family residential at this time.

Paying with Billd

What are the benefits of paying with Billd?

  • Billd enables Contractors to buy the construction materials they need today, with the flexibility to pay for them over 120 days.
  • Contractors can negotiate cash discounts with their suppliers since Billd pays up front.
  • There are no hidden fees, pricing is transparent.
  • Billd can pay any building material supplier (or manufacturer) who sells in the U.S. We work with almost all building construction suppliers in the country.
  • Material purchase requests are processed and often paid same day.

How do contractors enroll with Billd?

Enrolling takes less than 5 minutes online and does not require an extensive application or onerous financial statement review. Billd provides decisions within 24 hours (same day in most cases) and there is no cost or minimum usage requirements to apply.

1. Start by creating an account here: Enroll with Billd
2. Complete the business and business owner information
3. Agree to Master Contractor Agreement
4. Start adding projects and material purchases for payment

How long is the repayment term with Billd?

Contractors must repay the material purchase amount once they are paid by the general contractor or 120-days, whichever is sooner.

How long does it take for my supplier to receive payment from Billd?

Billd pays suppliers via ACH and in most cases, they'll receive the funds either the same day or next day. We can provide checks in some cases but there is often a delay due to mail/processing time.

What are Billd's approval requirements?

Billd is a non-bank financing partner. We evaluate contractors based on their personal and business experience, project pipeline and previous purchase history. We only work with commercial construction contractors and typically their annual revenue ranges from $500k to $50M.

Billd’s Partner Supplier Program

How do I partner with Billd?

Billd offers partnerships with suppliers which ensures direct, upfront payments prior to shipping. You control when Billd releases funds for the purchase through our portal.

Is there a monthly minimum commitment?

No. We believe in clear communication and investing in the partnership; not minimum commitments. Suppliers use Billd as a tool in their toolbox to provide flexible payment options to their contractors.

What are the benefits of accepting Billd?

Billd allows you to control when you get paid while not having to take on the burden of collections, filing liens, credit monitoring, and losses. Suppliers can focus on what they do best: product support, logistics, customer service…not collecting payments.

What are the costs to accept Billd?

Pricing varies by each supplier based on terms you want to offer your customers. Working directly with Billd will get better pricing for your customers.

How does Billd pay suppliers?

Billd pays via ACH and can fund purchases the same day. We provide funding notices with all details via email and you also have complete visibility through our portal.

How do suppliers enroll contractors with Billd?

We give you the ability to enroll your customers directly through the Billd portal. All we need from you is the company's name and the person's contact info, and you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

How do suppliers enroll with Billd?

Sign-up is easy. You can enroll online, or shoot us an email at to schedule a call.

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