Frequently Asked Questions

General Billd Questions

For too long the status quo in commercial construction has left trade contractors footing the bill for billions of dollars in projects annually, with very few financing options. Contractors are the backbone of construction and yet they are underbanked and underserved. Billd is changing that, by providing payment solutions that give contractors access to funds with terms that mirror their repayment cycle.

Payment on commercial projects can be unpredictable. There are backlogs of schedules of values and never-ending change orders that push standard repayment terms past 30, 60, even 90 days. Meanwhile, trade contractors are forced to pay substantial upfront and ongoing project costs including labor and materials. This model has become unsustainable for even the strongest legacy businesses.

That’s why Billd exists. Traditional financial institutions cannot provide the volume of immediate cash relief that contractors need. Billd can because our deep knowledge and expertise in construction allows us to properly assess contractor businesses and set repayment terms that actually make sense. Our cash flow solutions allow contractors to streamline their AR today so they can invest in the future of their business.

Billd partners with thousands of subcontractors and self-performing general contractors working on commercial projects across the United States, regardless of trade.

Billd services projects that change the faces of communities, including commercial, industrial, government, agriculture, utility, and multi-family construction. We work with all construction trades including, but not limited to site work, concrete, steel framing, masonry, sheetrock, waterproofing, major mechanical, flooring, trim, specialty coatings, and much more. We do not work with single-family residential projects at this time.

Enrolling takes less than 5 minutes online and does not require an extensive application or endless financial statement reviews. Enrolling is commitment-free and approval can be provided in 24 hours or less.

Billd is a non-bank financing partner, and proud. We know that traditional risk models do not apply to construction businesses. That’s why we evaluate contractors individually based on their personal and business experience, project pipeline, and previous purchase history.

Paying for Construction Materials with Billd

Material financing is a payment solution that gives commercial contractors up to 120-day payment terms with their suppliers.

Here’s how it works: (1) Submit a material quote from your favorite supplier (2) Billd will pay the supplier upfront (so be sure to negotiate a discount) (3) Your supplier ships the material directly to the job site and (4) You pay Billd when you get paid, up to 120 days.

  • Billd removes the burden on working capital of heavy upfront costs for materials.
  • Contractors preserve their existing capital and credit lines for better bonding capacity and a bigger safety net.
  • Contractors get better rates by negotiating cash discounts with their suppliers using Billd’s upfront payments.
  • Payments go out quickly; material purchase requests are often processed and paid same-day.
  • Contractors minimize their out-of-pocket costs by securing pay-when-paid terms up to 120 days.
  • There are no hidden fees and pricing is transparent.
  • There is no shortlist of suppliers, customers work with any material supplier or manufacturer in the U.S.

1. Create a project and upload a copy of your contract with the general contractor or property owner.
2. Upload a copy of your supplier quote to be paid, including the date you are requesting payment (we do same-day approval and payments).
3. We will confirm your purchase and prepare to deliver payment.

Contractors must repay the material purchase amount after being paid by the general contractor or in 120 days, whichever is sooner.

Billd pays suppliers via ACH and in most cases they’ll receive the funds either the same day or the next day. We can provide checks in some cases but there is often a delay due to mail/processing time.

Billd’s Partner Supplier Program