Meet the Team

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle President & CEO

Jesse Weissburg

Jesse Weissburg Cofounder/CCO

Jon Katz

Jon Katz VP of Marketing

Russ Briscoe

Russ Briscoe VP of Sales

Suchi Seshadri

Suchi Seshadri VP of New Initiatives

Jon Placa

Jon Placa Director of Financial Operations

Robbie Reynolds

Robbie Reynolds Director of Business Development

Nick Gargiulo

Nick Gargiulo Director of Sales - Contractor Onboarding

Russell Naumann

Russell Naumann Director of Strategic Products

Ginger Slover

Ginger Slover Director of Account Management

Stephen Pasta

Stephen Pasta Director of Legal Operations

Francisco Michel

Francisco Michel Director of Talent

Manasa Bowenpally

Manasa Bowenpally Senior Software Engineer

Jennifer Collings

Jennifer Collings Senior Accountant

Josie Ballew

Josie Ballew Sales Enablement Manager

Blake Krause

Blake Krause Senior Account Manager

Natasha Ranjan

Natasha Ranjan Supplier Program Manager

Benton Susholtz

Zachary Lilly Account Manager

Tracy Catlin

Tracy Catlin Strategic Relationship Manager

Rob White

Rob White Strategic Relationship Manager

Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer Strategic Relationship Manager

Luc D'Abreau

Luc D'Abreau Strategic Relationship Manager

Cavanaugh Koch

Cavanaugh Koch Strategic Relationship Manager

Travis Mayor

Travis Mayor Regional Account Executive

Justin Corwin

Justin Corwin Regional Account Executive

Stefan Marshall

Stefan Marshall Regional Account Executive

Anthony Amelio

Anthony Amelio Regional Account Executive

Vincent Saldaña

Vincent Saldaña Regional Account Executive

Ben Fishbein

Ben Fishbein Performance Marketing Specialist

Graham Tyson

Graham Tyson Marketing Specialist

Rebecka Cadle

Rebecka Cadle Collections Associate

LeeAnn Mata

LeeAnn Mata Collections Associate

Rebecka Cadle

Marcos Cordova Claims Associate

Rachel Aleman

Rachel Aleman Claims Associate

Aryn Walker

Aryn Walker Financial Operations Associate

Drew Faintich

Drew Faintich Onboarding Specialist

Benton Susholtz

Benton Susholtz Sales Development Representative

Austin Whitsitt

Austin Whitsitt Sales Development Representative

Jack Coughlin

Jack Coughlin Sales Development Representative

Drew Priode

Drew Priode Sales Development Representative

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