Sell more materials to more contractors with less risk

Expand your business by providing a payment solution where you get paid for materials upfront and your customers receive flexible terms to pay for them over time.

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Why suppliers refer their contractors to Billd

Terms built for construction

  • Get paid for materials upfront while your customers pay for them over time.
  • With Billd, contractors get 120-day terms for material purchases.

Reduce payment risk and operational burden

  • Receive upfront payment for materials and eliminate late or non-payments.
  • Offload credit monitoring, collections, and filing liens so your team can focus on your top customers.

Increase sales

  • Increase order values by enabling your customers to buy now and pay later.
  • When contractors have access to funds, they can win more projects. More projects mean more materials sold.

No cost payment solution for suppliers

  • Billd fits into your purchase process and removes the pain contractors face while purchasing materials.
  • No monthly minimums and you pick which customers and purchases to accept Billd with.

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Unlock benefits for you and your customer

For you

  • Receive payment upfront and let us worry about collections
  • Differentiate your service by offering longer terms than your competitors
  • Sell more product to more customers
  • Access to Billd’s referral portal

For your customer

  • Up to 120-day terms on all material purchases
  • Fast, same-day approvals and same-day payments for materials
  • Greater cash flow to take on larger, more complex projects
  • Simple, straightforward payments with no hidden fees

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Reduce risk & increase sales

Upfront, guaranteed payments allows your sales team to focus on selling more materials without taking on additional risk or operational burden. Interested in learning how Billd helps hundreds of suppliers and contractors across the US?

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