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Why commercial contractors choose Billd

mobile-friendly billd payment solution

Efficient and fast processing

  • 24-hour approval
  • Same-day material purchase funding
subcontractors get construction materials

No surprises or hidden fees

  • Know what your payments will be upfront
  • Material purchase amount not due until you’ve been paid or 120-days
start projects at construction site sooner

Control your cash flow

  • 120-day terms with all suppliers
  • Receive materials upfront but pay for them over time
billd pays suppliers on behalf of subcontractors

Grow, stress free

  • Bid on larger projects
  • Take on more jobs

How Billd Works

How Material Financing Works


Upload your material quote from your supplier


We pay your supplier directly, up front on your behalf


Supplier ships the materials directly to your job site


Pay us back when you're paid or up to 120-days

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