Material Financing

Never come out of pocket to pay for materials

We pay your supplier upfront, in cash. You pay us. It’s that simple.

Funding as soon as
0 hrs
Pay-when-paid terms up to
0 days
Suppliers paid to date
1000 +

Billd makes it easy to buy materials upfront

Designed for the unique needs of construction companies

Get instant cash
buying power

Gain leverage to negotiate with suppliers.

Control your
cash flow

Recieve materials upfront, and pay for them over time.

Unlock more

Your credit limits flex with the needs of your business.

Plan with

Bid more jobs knowing your future financial position.

Hear about Material Financing from the people using it

This is the best program for construction. Over 10 years in the business and I am very happy to have found a solution that really improves project cash flow. I can now get materials to keep building while I wait for the project milestone payments. Excellent source for the construction industry because of the 120-day terms. Highly recommended.”

Michael Lackna
 | President, PV Guru

Using Billd is easy

The Billd portal makes submitting your material purchases simple. Enroll today in less than 5 minutes.

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The materials are delivered directly to your job site

Billd works with any supplier in the country

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