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Estimate your cost of financing with Billd

How do I interpret this calculator?

The calculator shows the cost of using Billd based on the total value of your project. Billd offers up to 120-day payment terms on material purchases for commercial projects and an advance of your approved pay app for up to 60 days.

Why does the cost of using Billd change when the extended terms change?

The longer you take to pay off the material purchase or pay app advance, the more weekly payments you’ll make. There are no penalties for paying early, and this calculator shows the different costs for paying early versus using the full 120 days for materials or the full 60 days for your pay app advance.*

How is the weekly payment calculated?

The weekly payment is calculated using a fee of 2.99% per month, which is our standard pricing, but is subject to credit approval and may vary.*

Our partnership with Billd has proved very beneficial and promising for our cashflow needs. This team understands the unique and difficult place which subcontractors fall on the construction food chain. Billd also implements the needed security in order to make the financing process safe and clear. To top it all off, we have had nothing but pleasant, helpful interactions with the team!
Lukas Montgomery

Management and Accounting | Miller Paneling Specialties
*Pricing and product features may vary in the states of California and New York.
Customers in these states should not use this estimator.

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