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Billd | STACK Webinar: How to Grow Your Construction Business – Two Secrets for More Time and More Money

Published: December 02, 2020
Last updated: November 04, 2022
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Billd CCO Jesse Weissburg teamed up with STACK Construction Technologies Content Marketing Manager Amanda Wolfe for a webinar about How to Grow Your Construction Business. They also had a special guest join the webinar, Laurence Butler, Founder and CEO of Bespoke Construction Management, to tell his story about using both STACK and Billd to grow his business.

In only 30 minutes, this webinar covers a lot of highly useful information. Amanda speaks to the obstacles contractors face in the pre-construction process; benefits of utilizing cloud-based construction platforms; and how STACK works in this space. Jesse takes on the pros and cons of different financing options for contractors; how to leverage financing as a contractor to take control of your cash flow; and the success seen by contractors who have partnered with Billd.

Laurence brings the perspective of a contractor who currently partners with both Billd and STACK. In hearing first-hand about the growth of his own company – and the challenges he has faced – he explains how to leverage Billd and STACK to accelerate the growth of any construction contracting business. Bespoke Construction Management has done exactly that, and continues to take on more and larger projects as a result.

“What [project-based financing] allows you to do is take control of your cash flow and flip the construction payment cycle upside down. You no longer have to invest cash up front. You can hang onto that cash, whether you’re hiring so that you can take on more projects or invest in other areas of your business. It allows you to keep that cash in your pocket so you can actually grow your business.” – Jesse Weissburg, Chief Commercial Officer, Billd

About Billd: At Billd, we provide a payment solution that enables commercial construction contractors to free up cash for material purchases while enjoying the flexibility of 120-day payment terms. You get financing for commercial materials upfront with the freedom to pay it back at your own pace. Learn more about how we can help eliminate your company’s cash-flow problems so you can win more bids and grow your business.

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Chris DoyleCEO & Founder of Billd

Christopher Doyle is an entrepreneur and business leader with extensive construction industry experience and a record of launching successful startups. He is the co-founder and CEO of Billd, a disruptive payment solution for the construction industry that helps contractors and suppliers grow their businesses with less hassle and risk. Recognizing the cash flow hurdles that contractors face when purchasing materials, Doyle launched Billd to make traditional Wall Street working capital accessible to business owners in the construction industry.

Are you ready to unlock more working capital for your business?

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