Built with Billd: How outdated labor tracking is hurting your bottom line

Published: September 06, 2021
Last updated: April 19, 2022
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Ineffectively tracking your labor productivity can have massive effects on the bottom line of your company. Zach Scheel, Co-founder and CEO of Rhumbix, experienced this issue first hand after spending nearly a decade in the industry. Zach handled project and cost control and worked with the United States Navy Civil Engineer Corp and Bechtel Corporation. In the construction industry, labor productivity is measured by what work is being done, and how long it takes to do that. Productivity tracking is the leading indicator on whether or not you’re making money on the job site. Historically, the cost of data collection has been prohibitive in the feedback on estimates. Understanding your budget vs actual helps you better estimate for future jobs. 

Rhumbix helps to streamline the collection of productivity data in order to understand actual performance vs. estimated performance. The goal of Rhumbix is to help standardize how labor is getting recorded across job sites. It’s important to buy a solution that meets your workers where they are. You can have the most expensive softwares and programs on the market, but if your workers in the field don’t understand how to use it and management doesn’t understand how to interpret the data – it won’t lead to any actionable insights and will ultimately waste money. 

“ The last job I was on with Bechtel involved a $3.5 billion copper concentrator in northern Chile. The data that we needed to better understand costs in real time was coming from 1,000 paper time cards handwritten in Chilean Spanish. It took three weeks to digitalize and clean up so it could be analyzed. That was the big epiphany moment that lead me on the journey which eventually became Rhumbix.” – Zach Scheel, Co-founder & CEO, Rhumbix

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