Startup Hustle: Construction Entrepreneurship

Published: March 29, 2021
Last updated: April 19, 2022
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Billd CEO, Chris Doyle, has been in construction long enough to know that everyone involved in the building process – subs, GCs, suppliers, and even project owners – benefit when processes and expectations are aligned. So, why is it that many of the issues prevalent in construction are often dismissed as “just the way construction works?”

In his conversation with Matt DeCoursey on the Startup Hustle podcast, Chris covered a lot of ground: opportunities to maximize profit margin for subs of all sizes; how suppliers can enhance their relationships with customers; and even how everyone involved can combat rising material costs.

The common thread in all of this? Building and maintaining a strong brand and strong relationships is essential for everyone in construction. Listen to the full episode to learn about the different components that go into creating successful relationships in construction.

“Your ability to deliver every time, time and time again – to achieve your goal; that’s your brand, that’s your relationship… Invest in your crew: how to be safer, more efficient, more flexible on the job site. Invest in that side. That’s how you’re really solving problems for your customer.” Chris Doyle

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