Built with Billd: The importance of e-commerce in the construction industry

Published: October 18, 2021
Last updated: April 19, 2022
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In an industry built on positive relationships, trust, and face-to-face interactions, the idea of buying construction materials online, has been met with a lot of pushback from contractors and suppliers. Before founding BrokreteJordan Latourelle grew up working on construction sites in Quebec, Canada, building concrete foundations with his father. At 20 years old, he opened his own concrete company which he ran for 8 years; however, he always had a hidden passion for technology. When he took a step back and looked at the construction technology space, he realized there was a huge fundamental gap that no-one was tackling.

One of the challenges that Brokrete is addressing is figuring out how to effectively purchase materials online, while still allowing contractors to develop positive relationships with their suppliers. The goal isn’t to change the way contractors and suppliers do business, it’s to make it easier and more efficient.

By moving the purchase of construction materials online, contractors have the flexibility to get real time visibility into material availability and delivery timeframes, communicate with suppliers 24/7, and increase project schedule efficiency. Ultimately, this saves time, eliminates back-and-forth phone conversations, and improves margins because of real time data feedback.

“So many technology companies talk about disrupting an industry, but the most successful companies empower an industry to go further than they did before… E-commerce is empowering the construction industry.” – Jordan Latourelle, Founder, Brokrete

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