Backsplash Calculator

Use Billd’s backsplash calculator to determine the amount of backsplash needed for your next project.

Backsplash Calculator

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How to use the backsplash calculator

This backsplash calculator estimates the square feet and quantity of tiles needed to complete your next project. To use the calculator simply enter the length and width of the area where the backsplash is being placed and the size of the tiles being used then click on the “calculate” button.

How to get backsplash for your next construction project


Calculate how many tiles your project will need

Measure the area where you are going to be placing tile. Then enter your measurements into Billd’s backsplash calculator.

The estimated cost is based on the average cost of tile of between $7 and $25 per square foot. The price of pavers depends on a variety of factors including:


Find a Backsplash Supplier

To determine the right backsplash supplier for your project you should reach out to several building material suppliers or flooring suppliers who also have tile. You should also look for suppliers that are close to your project’s location. Generally, the closer the supplier is to your project the more money you will save on transportation costs.

Get Quotes From Tile Suppliers

Using your tile quantity estimate, call or email your local tile suppliers to determine the best price per square feet of pavers delivered to your job site.

Pay for Tile with Billd

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