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To fund their projects, Castle Black had to rely on their own cash reserves and available lines of credit. These payment methods were not always ideal, especially considering the unpredictable repayment cycle.

The majority of CitiGreen’s purchases are for materials and most times, their projects come in a flux of larger groups, rather than one at a time. Because of this, they’ve been experiencing funding issues.

With Billd, HMC was able to eliminate the funding issues they were previously experiencing with vendor credit methods and keep their projects on schedule, no matter how many were happening at once.


Customers they were previously unable to offer credit to could now seamlessly buy more materials, boosting sales and customer satisfaction in one fell swoop. The contractor wins and the supplier wins, creating an optimal outcome for everyone.

Billd took the entire credit and underwriting process off of RE Supply’s shoulders, vetting contractors, managing liens and paying for materials upfront on behalf of their customer.

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