The 2024 Market Report is Here: Find Out How Subs are Growing Their Profits
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Product Marketer Hayden Abrevaya

Hayden has worked in the heavy civil construction industry in estimating, project management, and concrete production. He is an avid learner and lean construction proponent who believes that the construction industry is ready for technological advancements in all aspects of the construction process. At Billd he uses his skills to help contractors grow their companies by providing them the information they need to win more bids, and take on more projects.

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The Subcontractor’s Strategy to Exceed $10M in Revenue: Part 2 – Refine Your Internal Processes

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The Subcontractor’s Guide to Exceeding $10M in Annual Revenue: Part 1 – Build Your Financial Game Plan

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Construction Scheduling: Techniques, Tools & Tips for Subcontractors

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Stop Work Orders: How Construction Subcontractors Should Approach Them

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Billd’s Take: The Rabbet 2021 Construction Payments Report

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Construction Budgeting: How to Create, Manage & Analyze Project Budgets

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Construction Scope of Work: What Subcontractors Should Know

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