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What is a composite column?

A composite column is a structural member created using two or more different materials. The most common composite column in construction is made with a combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete, but composite columns can also be made with timber, plastics, and various other materials.

More in depth definition of a Composite Column

Composite columns are used in construction for their combination of tensile and compressive strength. The reinforcing steel gives the column tensile strength while the concrete gives the column compressive strength. Composite columns can be either cast-in-place or pre-cast depending on the requirements of each application. These columns can support an enormous amount of weight and are used for high-rise buildings, industrial construction, and even in some residential applications.

Example of a Composite Column Being Used

Composite columns could be cast-in-place on a high-rise building and used as load-bearing supports for each floor. If a composite column is cast in place the forms will be set, and then reinforcing steel will be added. Once the formwork and reinforcing steel are in place then the concrete will be poured into the form.