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10-Step Closeout Checklist for Subcontractors

This is the baseline checklist Donny uses on every job to organize closeouts.  It includes assembling closeout documents early, sending out consistent requests to vendors, getting information into a digital form, asking the GC how they want the information, then packaging and sending it their way.  It’s simple, proactive, and effective. You can use Donny’s checklist to improve your own and drive towards a simple, repeatable process.

About the Contributor

Donny Metcalf

Donny Metcalf is a Senior Project Manager and Estimator who has been running closeouts at Lochridge Priest for decades.

Business Outcomes

  1. Review the project specs to see what type of closeout documents are needed by the spec sections you are responsible for. You may have to contact the GC to find out how they want to receive the closeout docs (paper copies or electronically).
  2. Contact the general contractor to find the date of substantial completion. You will need this info for the warranties.
  3. Make headings on the closeout spreadsheet by spec section, then input what is needed within each section. These typically are O&M manuals, warranties, owner training, attic stock and miscellaneous (usually as built drawings, etc).
  4. Once the spreadsheet is generated, email the vendors requesting the required information. Give them up to 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks you don’t have the information you need, follow up every 2 days until they get you the information you need.
  5. Input the data into the spreadsheet in accordance with the dates you initially sent the request and when they are due.
  6. Put the received information into electronic folders.
  7. Make an NEI coversheet to put on top of the closeout information
  8. Input the data into the spreadsheet as to which ones you have received and which are still outstanding.
  9. Contact the GC to see if they want the closeouts all at once or as you get them (they may not want to wait that long).
  10. Send them to the general contractor.

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