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5 Questions to Ask During Daily Huddles as a Subcontractor

Luke Matelan shares his top 5 questions to maximize the efficiency and quality of daily huddle meetings. 

About the Contributor

Luke Matelan

Luke Matelan works with FMI Corp, the largest management consulting firm dedicated to the construction industry. Matelan specializes in helping subs beat their expected project margins through rigorous adherence to best-in-class operational processes, which lead to increased profitability.

Business Outcomes

Does every person on your crew know what they’re supposed to be doing every hour of every day?

Daily huddles are an opportunity to drive production and identify problems before they affect your margin – but they’re wasted if you’re taking a “drill sergeant” approach.

Daily huddles should be collaborative and allow one to ask questions as much as give instructions. Ask these five questions during your daily huddles to unlock productivity gains.

EXAMPLE: Daily Huddle Goal Setting

  • “What is the goal for today?”
  • How did we do relative to yesterday’s goals?
  • What are the goals for today (specific and quantifiable)?
  • Do we have what we need for tomorrow and the remainder of the
  • What do we need to think about today to keep everyone safe?

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