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4 Steps to Define Your Ideal GC Profile

Picking the right or wrong partners to work with can make or break your company. Here’s how Gianluca Pascale, a former Owner of a General Contracting outfit, recommends identifying effective, collaborative contractors:

Gianluca Pascale

About the Contributor

Gianluca Pascale

Gianluca Pascale is the Chief Connector and Curator of the Constructors Guild™ and former Founder and CEO of Centrecon General Contracting. He believes that the construction industry is broken – and that solutions start with stronger relationships.

Business Outcomes

  1. Gather everyone from admin to laborers and ask them what features they think make a GC great to work with.
  2. Establish the ethical and practical principles you would like a GC to stick to in a perfect world. Write out the components of that ideal GC, and measure potential GCs against it, like a rubric.
    • Examples:
      • Practical – Has a system for reducing trade overlap, responds to RFIs quickly, etc. 
      • Ethical – Takes responsibility for their mistakes, superintendents are respectful when dealing with our crews, etc.
  3.  When you’re being considered for a project, remember that you’re considering the GC as well. Interview them, ask them questions based on the conclusions you reached with your team, assess their reputation, ask them how they take care of their subs. 
    • Specifically, ask them: 
      • What are their core values? Do they align with yours?  
      • How do they treat their employees? 
      • Do they pay their service providers on time? 
      • Are they open to collaboration? 
      • Are they organized, resourceful, and proactive?
      • Do they respond in a timely manner?
      • What is their budget? 
      • Are they transparent? 
      • Do they value customer service and attention to detail?
      • Do they keep the owner informed not only on the project, but on when the subs are going above and beyond for them? 
      • Do they advocate for the subcontractor to the client?
  4.  Front load your needs. Communicate your values and show them your vulnerability. Subs should communicate to the GCs what they need, and GCs should relay that to the owner. Things like on-time payment and documentation are great examples of needs that should be honored. Pascale thinks a good GC will make the owner understand that money is the oil of the engine, and with no payment, the engine stops. 

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