How do you grow a construction business? According to Matt DiBara, owner of DiBara Masonry, there are two main things every contractor needs to do: create a strong brand that you deliver on every day, and prioritize relationships at all times. In this episode, Matt shares specific examples of how you can accomplish both of these (and more), and how these strategies directly contribute to growing your business.

With relationships in particular, Matt says to go deep, not wide. Doing so with GCs, for example, allows you to become an extension of their business, rather than just a sub they hire when the price is right.

And when it comes to brand, Matt knows it’s not just about having a nice website or flashy marketing materials. Your brand is your reputation. You can grow it every day by doing what you say you’re going to do and going above and beyond for your clients – but only if you’re actively focused on doing so.

Treat every client like it’s your neighbor. Well what is a neighbor like? You see them every day. You don’t cheat them, you don’t lie to them, right? You see them all the time. I get into commercial construction, and I treat everybody like they’re neighbors.” – Matt DiBara, Owner, DiBara Masonry