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Customer Success

from Memphis, Tennessee

Castle Black is a commercial contractor headquartered in Memphis, TN. They specialize in a variety of services ranging from general contracting and construction management to facilities maintenance and staff augmentation. Serving markets including education, healthcare, government, and more—Castle Black is committed to delivering the highest quality construction and maintenance services on time and within budget.

The Situation

To fund their projects, Castle Black has historically had to rely on their own cash reserves and available lines of credit. These payment methods were not always ideal, especially considering the unpredictable repayment cycle.

Their lines of credit weren’t always sufficient enough for the projects they were taking on and depleting their own capital wasn’t a long-term solution.

They weren’t able to expand their business as they had desired since they were using most of their own funds to pay for projects.

The Solution

After learning about Billd online, Castle Black quickly began using Billd’s one-of-a-kind payment solution to pay for their projects. In just 2 months, the enhanced terms nearly solved all of their funding issues.

Now, they’re not using their own cash reserves and have freed up those funds to be used in other areas of the business. As a result, they are now expanding into several different states.

Being able to pay upfront with Billd has allowed Castle Black to receive better pricing with new vendors, rather than paying with their lines of credit.

With Billd, Castle Black was able to...

Eliminate the need to use their capital and credit on projects, allowing them to grow their operations into new markets and lock in better prices with vendors, saving them money on material purchases.

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Jonathan Logan President/CEO

“Billd has been a complete game changer for us. Having a much longer time to pay them back for our materials has freed up so much of our capital, that it’s helped us to scale our business into other states. Not to mention, getting a hold of their team is so simple and they're always responsive. Using Billd has been the easiest funding process we’ve ever experienced.”

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