Frequently Asked Questions - Liens

What is Billd?

Billd is a virtual material supplier, operating in each state within the United States, and providing construction materials to subcontractors. Billd provides subcontractors with up to 120-day terms so that subcontractors can access the right materials, at the right time, without any project delays.

I’ve received a “Preliminary Notice” or “Intent to Lien” from Billd – what does this mean?

Billd’s repayment terms (up to 120 days) are sometimes greater than a state’s notice deadlines. As a result, Billd is required by state law to submit certain documentation. This documentation is not necessarily indicative of Billd’s intentions to lien or a subcontractor’s status, but rathera formality to maintain a Mechanic’s Lien or Bond rights on the project.

I’ve received a Lien or Bond Claim from Billd – what does this mean?

Similar to the preliminary notices, Billd’s repayment terms may exceed the state’s notice deadlines which require Billd to submit a Mechanic’s Lien or Bond Claim. Mechanic’s Liens and Bond claims are easily rescinded upon payment for materials that were provided by Billd on the project.

Why was a Mechanic’s Lien or Bond Claim submitted to my project when I am still within term?

On occasion, state deadlines for submitting a Mechanic’s Lien may occur before Billd’s maximum payment term (120 days). In these instances, Billd is required by law to submit certain documentation to protect materials that were delivered on site. The Mechanic’s Lien or Bond Claim is rescinded as soon as payment of materials are received by Billd.

The Property Owner or General Contractor is withholding payment due to a notice sent by Billd – what can I do?

Billd can supply a Longform Conditional Waiver which highlights the outstanding balance for a given project and the associated due dates for repayment to Billd. A Longform Conditional Waiver will highlight that your account is in Good Standing and that a Lien Release will be issued when the balance for the project has been fully resolved.

How do I remove a Mechanic’s Lien from a project?

If a Mechanic’s Lien is applied to a project, Billd will supply a Conditional Waiver of Lien Rights - this documentation highlights Billd’s commitment to removing any lien from the property upon successful payment of materials that Billd has supplied. Upon repayment for the outstanding balance, Billd will supply an Unconditional Waiver and will cancel the Lien on the project.

How do I avoid having preliminary notices and/or Lien/Bond claims from being submitted?

Billd will always preemptively notify subcontractors about any documentation that needs to be submitted due to state requirements. Furthermore, Billd will always look to delay any notice from going out if possible. If Billd can no longer delay the notice from being distributed, subcontractors have the option of paying off their outstanding project balance to ensure documentation will not be released.

Can I request Billd to submit a Mechanic’s Lien/Bond Claim early if I haven’t been paid by the General Contractor or Property Owner for the project?

Upon your request, Billd can submit a Mechanic’s Lien or Bond Claim documentation to encourage payment from the General Contractor or Property Owner(s) of the project at no additional cost.

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