Learn How to Become an Operationally Superior Subcontractor

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A study from FMI Corporation found that 32% of time in the field is recoverable lost time. Read that again – 32% of time in the field is wasted. For subcontracting executives, wasted time is poisonous to a project. It means lost productivity, and that erodes your bottom line. Construction productivity consultant Luke Matelan has built a playbook on […]

14 Tips for Increasing Labor Productivity from Other Subs

It All Starts With Productivity Tracking Software… You Should Be Using Software – It almost goes without saying, but use software to track productivity and gain a better understanding of what people are doing and where you’re losing time. Knowify is a great resource that has been successful for many contractors, including the one who […]

5 Questions to Ask During Daily Huddles as a Subcontractor

Does every person on your crew know what they’re supposed to be doing every hour of every day? Daily huddles are an opportunity to drive production and identify problems before they affect your margin – but they’re wasted if you’re taking a “drill sergeant” approach. Daily huddles should be collaborative and allow one to ask […]