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CCO & Co-Founder of Billd Jesse Weissburg

Jesse Weissburg is an accomplished business development leader with experience across a variety of industries — including finance, real estate development, construction and renewable energy. With Billd, he uses his experience and knowledge to help contractors grow their businesses by fixing the broken payment cycle in the construction industry.

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Articles by this author

construction contract

Construction 4 min read

Construction Contract Negotiation Part 2: How to Protect Your Right to Make a Claim

construction contract negotiation

Construction 5 min read

Construction Contract Negotiation Part 1: A Lawyer’s Advice for Subcontractors

construction closeout

Construction 10 min read

How to Master Your Closeout Process: Advice for Subcontractors by Subcontractors

maximizing tax returns construction

Construction 4 min read

A Quick Guide to Maximizing Tax Returns for Subcontractors

schedule of values advice

Construction 3 min read

How to Use Your Schedule of Values to Increase and Speed Up Your Pay App: An Industry Vet’s Perspective

win more profitable projects construction

Construction 10 min read

The Guide to Winning Your Most Profitable Projects: How Clay Young Achieved a 55% Bid Win Rate

too much construction business growth

Construction 4 min read

4 Signs Your Construction Business Is Growing Too Quickly

electrical control panels

Construction 4 min read

Electrical Control Panels: How to Determine the Right Panels For Your Construction Project

3 companies using debt to their advantage

Construction 5 min read

3 Wildly Successful Companies Using Debt to their Advantage (So Why Aren’t You?)

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